Recording Internet Radio

A side-by-side comparison of 2 popular Internet radio recorders

After comparing the packages, PDMarq Audio Recorder from PDMarq is the clear winner. Top-notch customer support with an unbeatable price with all the features you need to make the recordings you want. We attempted to determine why there was such a big price difference and it appears that Applian charges more for a similar product simply because they may not have the capacity to service large numbers of customers, so it appears they may prefer to sell less product at a higher price point. On the other hand, PDMarq has no problem handling our software inquiries and their response times were much faster. The recording quality from both companies were excellent, but when it comes to making a buying decision, PDMarq easily wins this comparison. Please come back next week as we will review two more software packages.

Radio Recorder Comparison Chart

You can learn more about how these internet radio recorders differ from the chart below:

Replay A/V
PDMarq Audio Recorder
Easy to use
Not as easy as we would have liked.
Very easy
Records directly from Streams
Records Standard Sound Card Audio

Records Integrated Sound Card Audio
Includes Scheduler
Convert Tapes or Vinyl to Digital
Record Podcasts
Record XM Online
Record Sirius Online
Record Shoutcast
Eliminate Silence
Record Mic or Line-In
Record 2 stations at once
Save to MP3
Save to WAV
Excellent Free and Fast Customer Support
Sound Editor
Extra $29.95 charge
Copy to iTunes/iPod/iPhone
Rave Reviews from Customers
None found
Export to MP3 Players
Make CDs
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