• Do you want to be alerted to short-term opportunities in the U.S. stock market with potential of gaining 3% to 100+% within a day? 
    Do you want trade ideas for momentum stocks?

    This system is ideal for day traders and swing traders who want a stream of trade ideas from an algorithmic system with a track record of success.

     PDMarq Stock Alerts identifies and alerts the best trading opportunities on a daily basis.   With more than 2,400 trade alerts on record since 2021, PDMarq Stock Alerts has hit the profit target  more than 84% of the time within 1 day with an average increase of 20.7% after the alert and a median increase of 10.1% (see Track Record for updated details).
    Proprietary trade algorithms are based on statistical and technical analysis. 

    PDMarq's TRACK RECORD shows the history of the tremendous opportunities alerted by this service. Trade alerts that cannot be entered at (or below) the limit price are NOT counted and indicated on the track record as "NO TRADE".   Compare to other services that count every trade even if it was impossible to enter below the trade alert price, or regardless if it takes weeks or months to hit a profit target.  

    Are you often missing out on stocks that gain 100+% within a day?  This service can help you find those stocks.   List of stocks that doubled after an alert.   

    Alerts are posted to a browser-based application... 
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    Approximately 3 to 15 trade alerts per day generated by 3 trade algorithms. Dozens of watch alerts and bubble charts and news headlines with audio notifications keep you updated on the action.

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